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Failed in the Major Transferring Application

The college rejected my application for transferring from Geoinformatics to Computer Science.

In fact, I have been hankering for studying CS systematically in a formal way for a couple of years, but being declined by the college for changing my major makes it impossible, at least during my four years of college life, to make this happen (sophomore year is the ceiling for major transferring application in this college).

Geoinformatics, Why Not?

According to my curriculum, there are compulsory courses such as Digital Terrain Surveying, Remote Sensing, Cartography, Satellite Navigation and Positioning Technology Application, and there have been more than too much people told me that in order to become a capable geoinformatical graduate, one have to be able to program fluently, efficiently, and smartly. Nevertheless, the curriculum is lack of courses which boost my understanding of coding. There are even no fundamental courses like discrete mathematics and algorithm, and these are not included in the elective course list. More importantly, work of lectures which are not directed to my goal, especially recitations (there are a significant heavy burden of reciting dull concepts, long answers without which one cannot pass the exam), are occupying every bit of my spare time.

Problematic, but not fatal. It is clear that fundamental knowledge of computer science will encourage me making high performance software and then achieve my dream since my elementary school days. And surly I can learn essentials of computer science by myself despite the fact that college prohibit me from engrossing in computer science. This blog is motivated by my inducement to become a qualified software engineer. In this way I can push myself to log my study progress, and even help strangers in need.

About Language

This is my first attempt to write blogs in English. Since it is not my mother tongue, there might be some mistakes. So you are welcomed to inform me of any inaccuracy in my text by creating issues here. :)