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MinerHat - Minecraft Server Plugin that Utilizes Your Server at Low Load to Mine Cryptocurrency


⛏ Mining Cryptocurrency with your Minecraft server (and player)

MinerHat is a Minecraft server plugin that utilizes your server at low load to mine cryptocurrency. Even more, it supports player contribution. Just let your players share their computing power to mine for you in exchange for in-game bonus!

You can **get it at https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/minerhat.92868/ **


For those server owners who running their Minecraft servers on cloud-based virtual machines, it would be a waste of money when there’s no one in the game while they are still paying for it. But what if you make use of these spare time for mining cryptocurrency? Even though there may not be a great amount of output, but every coin counts.

More excitingly, MinerHat plugin makes it possible for your players to contribute their computing power to your server. As a quid pro quo, players earn virtual revenue in your server by issuing checkouts. Beneficial for both your server and players, isn’t it?


  • Toggles for local mining and player contribution modules. (In case your server provider disallows mining on their server, or whatever other reasons.)
  • Local Mining
    • Policies: Manage your miners
      • Decide the maximum player count at which the miner should be stopped
    • Timer for auto-switching miner
  • Player Contribution
    • Mining pool implement
    • Revenue factor: It will be multiplied with the actual revenue reported from the mining pool API in order to give your players adorable feedbacks
  • Localization Support
  • Working with Popular Currency Plugins (WIP)


Player’s Commands

Command Description
/minerhat check Checkout revenue
/minerhat revenue Get revenue account information
/minerhat history Check revenue change history
/minerhat help Get help for player’s commands

Admin’s Commands

Command Description
/minerhatadmin status Get miner status
/minerhatadmin log Fetch miner output
/minerhatadmin start Start local miner
/minerhatadmin stop Stop local miner
/minerhatadmin reload Reload plugin configuration
/minerhatadmin help Get help for admin’s commands


Commands Permission Node
/minerhat * minerhut.contributor
/minerhatadmin * minerhut.admin

Plugin Directory Structure

└─[Player account data (.json)]
└─<Language packs (.json)>
└─[Miner dir]
└─<Miner Executable>
└─<Miner policies (.json)>

Open Source

Github Repo: https://github.com/richardhyy/EusMinerHat